Dyslexia Can Be Successfully Treated

  1. Dyslexia is an eyesight problem; it has no relationship to the intelligence of an individual.

  1. It can be corrected in one to three sessions, given the boundaries to do so.

  1. Until relatively recently Dyslexia remained pretty well undiagnosed, most Dyslexia sufferers being labelled in school as ‘slow’ or with some form of learning disability.  In fact, most Dyslexia sufferers are of higher than average intelligence.

  1. Some of the most famous and successful people in history were dyslexic.

  1. The condition of Dyslexia can be corrected painlessly and without the use of drugs or surgery. 

  1. A treatment will benefit all age groups, from a newborn child to an adult.

Robin Wells  CK Dip, CST, MAS Dip,

Dyslexia Corrections

Gabriels Return



West Cork, Ireland.

The Bone Of Learning

What prevents one person in five from reaching maximum potential? Usually a misalignment of cranial bones. These bones are prone to displacement, especially when we are young. Any distortion to the skull will cause problems. One particular skull bone called the sphenoid is vital in left/right brain coordination. In some Eastern cultures it is known as “the bone of learning”. Various other misaligned cranial bones will affect digestion, balance, coordination, learning and behavior. Once misaligned bones have been located they can easily and painlessly be corrected. The correction is non-invasive and unique.

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